This consultation service caters to one of our favorite categories of clientele – the adventurous souls AKA the do-it-your-selfers who are looking for professional guidance. This service includes a comprehensive property assessment. This assessment is based on a visual inspection and is accompanied by a written report which may include the following, based on the individual client's needs:

  • Proper mulch and soil level recommendations around the bases of trees, shrubs and foundation

  • Personalized maintenance techniques and recommendations tailored to meet the client's needs

  • Disease and pest identification as well as a recommended treatment plan

  • Irrigation scheduling and techniques to improve water utilization

  • Soil Testing

  • Irrigation System Audit



The residential design consultation is tailored for each individual client to create an outdoor experience you will love. We study your personal style and design a space that will, without a doubt, surpass your expectations!

-        Conceptual Design Plan:

  • Initial consultation meeting

  • Site Assessment

  • Conceptual Drawing providing overall landscape layout and features

-        Master Design Plan:

  • Initial Consultation Meeting

  • Site Assessment

  • Conceptual Drawing providing overall landscape layout and features

  • Second meeting to approve design

  • Finalized drawings, material list, budget



The Residential Landscape Installation package brings our visions to life in your very own outdoor space. We execute the Master Design Plan with particular attention to detail as well as thorough communication through out the installation.

  • We develop a detailed projected construction schedule

  • We manage every aspect of the installation with daily site visits by Kyle himself

  • Upon completion, the homeowner receives close out documents consisting of owner’s/user’s manuals for irrigation controllers, pool equipment, landscape lighting, etc